Family Businesses Succession.
… thriving from generation to generation.

As a business or farm owner, the greatest challenge you are likely to face is securing the financial future of you and your family and the future of your business. 
To meet this challenge requires sound planning.
Without planning the result can be financial ruin.
By planning early you can step aside from your business with it continuing to provide for you and your family. 

Christopher Evatt is an authority on family business succession and generation change, with some of northern Europe’s most successful, long-term family businesses as his clients. 

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Turn your good cause into a great outcome.

Are you committed to making your positive difference in your world?
If “YES”, n is designed specifically for you.

You will gain powerful and transforming techniques from neuro science, epigenetics, ancient wisdom and from Christopher’s discoveries.  And he gives you the steps to take. All of which he has successfully applied in his life and in his work as a social entrepreneur. 

From Christopher you will:

  • Discover your purpose. Know your strengths and use your natural abilities to lead.
  • Use your multi-intelligences to create; instantly know; make wise decisions
  • Use your Integrity Power©  by aligning your inspiration, mind, heart and actions
  • to connect to your strength to bring about  positive and rapid change.
  • Identify and eliminate the effects of self-limiting, sub-conscious programs.
  • Inspire, engage and bring out the best in people for outstanding collective accomplishment.
  • Co-create a work culture where all excel
  • Transform so-called impossibilities and challenges into positive outcomes.
  • Apply “Christopher’s  4 x 4 method” for you to:
    take appropriate action; design a thriving living organisation; co-create high-value, win-win outcomes with people and their organisations.

PLUS be coached by Christopher. 

Attend Christopher’s Authentic Leading© talk and learn what is possible for you.
Attend his Application Intensives, gain the techniques and the steps to create your great outcome.

As a New Zealand leader in empowering his people, his social enterprise received a United Nations Award.

He shows how to use all our skills and intelligences to achieve extraordinary results, real peak performance… with less control and less strenuous effort than we ever thought… to be fully creative and empowered. His ratings were highly above the average of speakers at Ekonomipäivat (Economics Conference)- Antti-Juhani Wihuri, Director
- Talentum Media Oy, Finland


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