How alive is your organization

First, take a look at yourself. 

You know how much you are alive by how you are growing... growing stronger, wiser, more skilled, more experienced, more understanding, more energy, more willing and able to take initiative and to think for yourself.  Day by day becoming more human, more of who you are capable of becoming.

The less of these qualities, the less alive you are.
It is that simple. Either you are growing or going.
And by growing I do not mean more in quantity but more in your qualities.

The same applies to a group of people who are together for a common organization. It could be a family, community, city or a business. 

Here is a four point check list. Compare your organization.
An alive organization, one that is capable of staying alive, is one that:

- respects all its members
- respects all who it interacts with eg. customers, suppliers, society, investors and the natural environment
- has members who are growing, becoming more of what they are capable of becoming
- creates more value for its stakeholders and itself than it consumes

If your organization has these qualities it is highly likely to do extraordinarily well, be around for a long time and is a great place to be.
A key reason is that all stakeholders want to support it because it is supporting them.
This approach goes beyond fair trading or striving to achieve a balance between give and take.
Its more, much more.
It is all about contributing to life. Adding your unique input. 

If your organization lacks these four qualities it is unlikely to survive for long. Who would want to support it?
But if you are a member of such an organization, what are you going to do about it?
Start practicing the qualities of an alive organization and support others to do the same.
What you do and who you are being can be like a positive virus that spreads from one
person to the next.
We have mirror cells in our brains that pick up the behaviors of others and cause us to
do the same.

Try it today and everyday no matter how others react or do not react, say or do not say.
Dont blame or judge others.
Do it for YOU and you will feel great... more positive and more alive.

And another tip.
Boost your immune system by smiling a lot. Better still laugh a lot.
Instantly gets rid of tension, dissolves conflicts, improves your health and, as a result, 
you think better, are more creative, good to be around and you feel great.
And do this every day no matter how you feel. Very quickly you will feel at your best.
It works.  Make it a habit. I have.