Our mission : Supporting family businesses to thrive
Our value: People first

You, your family and your business will benefit from our services by:

• Knowing your purposes; making the most of your strengths
• Having a sound succession plan…your map to your future
• Receiving sound, experience-based support

Our experience:

I am Christopher Evatt. For over thirty years I have run my own enterprises, supported family businesses succeed and, for fifteen years, advised and mentored leading Scandinavia family businesses with their succession processes.

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Family Businesses Succession.
… thriving from generation to generation.

As a business or farm owner, the greatest challenge you are likely to face is securing the financial future of you and your family and the future of your business. 
To meet this challenge requires sound planning.
Without planning the result can be financial ruin.
By planning early you can step aside from your business with it continuing to provide for you and your family. 

Christopher Evatt is an authority on family business succession and generation change, with some of northern Europe’s most successful, long-term family businesses as his clients. 

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Christopher Evatt, New Zealander, is at the forefront of people creating living organisations where all stakeholders are at their best and together achieve extraordinary positive outcomes.

With Christopher, people come alive. They engage with their inspiration and creative intelligences and quantum-leap to exceptionally higher levels of well being and accomplishment.

Awarded by the United Nations, the Prime Ministers of New Zealand and Australia and nominated for the title of World Class New Zealander for his work, he shares over thirty years of practical, transformational wisdom. 

With his deep insights and neuro-science based life-tools, people discover their purposes, use their finest capabilities, gain break-through understandings and experience enhanced well being, energy and accomplishment.

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Is your life a continuing repetition?

This is why.

We live in “automatic mode”.

The same feelings, thinking and actions reflect back to us the same repeating outcomes….our lives.

95% of your feelings, thinking and actions are automatic, directed by your sub-conscious. 5% are directed by your conscious mind.

Is it time for you to break free? 

Ask yourself:

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