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Living organisations are the ultimate places to work.

People thrive with all stakeholders doing their best for their shared good.

An organisation is like your body. The people are cells and, the healthier the cells, the more alive the body.

Healthy cells do not compete to out perform one another.

Building and Running A Successful Start-up?

Building and Running A Successfully Life?

They are the same. 

The same principles and practices apply with very similar outcomes.

You ARE a one-person enterprise. You create and share value. In return, you receive value.

Start-up entrepreneurs at NewCo Factory in down town Helsinki, learnt Christopher’s enterprise-and-life transforming insights.


At NewCo Factory, Helsinki.

Have you thought of starting your business?
Have you started but are struggling to take it into full flight?

Christophers shares the essential keys are your attitudes, intentions and feelings. Get these right and you are unstoppable.  

Are you ready to move into your life zone?

Are you stuck in the same-old familiar?

Do you feel stale, like bread that’s gone passed its Use By date?

If “yes”, you are ready for a life-shift… a shift from your comfort zone into your life zone…to break free to become more fully who you are…the next best version of you.

Staying stuck is life-draining. You know how it is. 

Are you about to START YOUR BUSINESS? Here is what you MUST KNOW TO SUCCEED

For all kinds of businesses



… how to attract the best opportunities and talent … how to unlock the best qualities of yourself and others … the extraordinary outcomes from running an inspired startup and how to stay inspired, motivated and energized no matter how big your challenges

Thriving Entrepreneurship

"Get Your Business Up and Running 

... and start earning a good income NOW."

Are you thinking about starting your own business? Not sure what to do? The key to starting your business and earning a "good" income is by providing your "good" value that gives others what they want and are willing to pay for.

Your "good" value comes from what inspires you. What you feel passionate about. It is the positive difference you want to make in the lives or the businesses of others.

What really matters....

Join me with this family. We are in their kitchen,listening.

"We are off to the shops..." Before he could finish his five year old daughter grabbed him by the knees and gazing up "daddy, can I come too?"

What is success?

Sucess? It is what what you are being as opposed to an external achievement. We usually think of success as the accomplishment of a goal or achieving an ambition. The external success is an effect. The real success is the cause, and that cause is who you are being.

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