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How inspired are you?

Being inspired is our natural way of being. Most are not.

When you are inspired, how are you? Are you more alive?
Of course you are. You are definitely more positive, you think more clearly, are creative, courageous, take more initiative, you sit more erect, you probably eat less 
and are more fun to be with.
Would you want to be any other way?

When is Enough is Enough?

Ever thought about what YOU really need?
As you know and I know, most of what we think we need is what others want us to believe we need.Why?  That’s the way we have co-created our so-called “developed world”.

Look for what is working

We all look at what is not working. On TV and in the papers, filling the gaps between the ads, we are overwhelmed with what is not working. From plane crash to a star’s marriage crash. From the moment we wake up until we put out the lights. It never ceases.

Connect To Live

Life springs from the number and quality of our connections.

Think of your life. Who do you love? The people who you most enjoy spending time with. Your partner, family, your children and close friends.
How do you feel when are with them? Joyful; mentally stimulated; more cared for; more loved; more loving.

What enables your organisation to thrive. It could be an ngo, club, enterprise, city or country. A living organisation is one that responds appropriately to its environment.Organisations that do not appropriately respond, struggle. 


Courage is what defines you as the master of your life.

When you possess courage you step fearless forward in your chosen direction in spite of your circumstances. Without courage you become a victim of your circumstances.

What would you most like to experience this year?
What you create is what you get to experience. How do you intend to be and express more of the best of who you are?

Have you found yourself confused and uncertain about the choice you should make?
Have you made choices, that you thought were the right ones, but found they were not?

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