Once the tree was small and it needed a strong base to support  it.

Now it has outgrown its base.

Turning your life around 180 degrees will give you enough money to have a holiday in New Zealand and the equivalent of free time as having two and half months off work.
I will show you how and to feel great.

Time to rethink. 

Have you wondered if there could be more to your life than what you are experiencing?

How do I create the next best version of me?
You have done a fantastic job making yourself the way you are right now.

Whether it be your burning passion, your creative genius, your super performance or your joy of living, it is all about how well you engage with others.

To assist you in making your resolution for 2015, here is an abbreviation of The Barbers Speech, rich in wisdom, from Charlie Chapmans film The Great Dictator, 1940

Are you sometimes not sure what to do?

Increasingly we are overwhelmed by sensory overload. Too much to think about and too much to sort out with our minds.

Do you feel you are a victim of your outer circumstances?

Do you feel your life is outside your control?

It does not have to be this way.

Your life is a reflection of who you are being. It is a mirror of what you think, believe and feel with over 90% of this we are not conscious of.

Christopher Evatt, New Zealander, is an expert on how people and  organisations can apply their human capabilities for enhanced energy, well being and extraordinary achievement. From a life-time assisting people to fully use their potential to improve their lives and work, he has developed a range of principles and methods supported by quantum physics and neuro science. They are micro-macro thinking, creative thought for organisational renewal, the liberating power of transparency, lateral thinking for break-through ideas and how to create sustainable outcomes beyond the normal. He co-founded learning forums for Finnish executives and professionals to develop their natural capabilities, expand their understandings of human potential and to support one another.

 Christopher Evatt, with his Living Organisation®  principles and methods, enables people and their organisations to experience greatly heightened well being and sustainability, and to excel at levels far beyond what is accepted as normal.

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