Life springs from the number and quality of our connections.

Think of your life. Who do you love? The people who you most enjoy spending time with. Your partner, family, your children and close friends.
How do you feel when are with them? Joyful; mentally stimulated; more cared for; more loved; more loving.

Life is to be enjoyed and is the opportunity for you and others to become the best you can be and do the best you can to make your unique contribution.

What enables your organisation to thrive. It could be an ngo, club, enterprise, city or country. A living organisation is one that responds appropriately to its environment.Organisations that do not appropriately respond, struggle. 

How alive is your organization

First, take a look at yourself. 

You know how much you are alive by how you are growing... growing stronger, wiser, more skilled, more experienced, more understanding, more energy, more willing and able to take initiative and to think for yourself.  Day by day becoming more human, more of who you are capable of becoming.

Are you about to START YOUR BUSINESS? Here is what you MUST KNOW TO SUCCEED

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… how to attract the best opportunities and talent … how to unlock the best qualities of yourself and others … the extraordinary outcomes from running an inspired startup and how to stay inspired, motivated and energized no matter how big your challenges

We all look at what is not working. On TV and in the papers, filling the gaps between the ads, we are overwhelmed with what is not working. From plane crash to a star’s marriage crash. From the moment we wake up until we put out the lights. It never ceases.

Courage is what defines you as the master of your life.

When you possess courage you step fearless forward in your chosen direction in spite of your circumstances. Without courage you become a victim of your circumstances.

Have you found yourself confused and uncertain about the choice you should make?
Have you made choices, that you thought were the right ones, but found they were not?

Building and Running A Successful Start-up?

Building and Running A Successfully Life?

They are the same. 

The same principles and practices apply with very similar outcomes.

You ARE a one-person enterprise. You create and share value. In return, you receive value.

Start-up entrepreneurs at NewCo Factory in down town Helsinki, learnt Christopher’s enterprise-and-life transforming insights.

Are you ready to move into your life zone?

Are you stuck in the same-old familiar?

Do you feel stale, like bread that’s gone passed its Use By date?

If “yes”, you are ready for a life-shift… a shift from your comfort zone into your life zone…to break free to become more fully who you are…the next best version of you.

Staying stuck is life-draining. You know how it is. 

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