Christopher Evatt, New Zealander, is at the forefront of people creating living organisations where all stakeholders are at their best and together achieve extraordinary positive outcomes.

With Christopher, people come alive. They engage with their inspiration and creative intelligences and quantum-leap to exceptionally higher levels of well being and accomplishment.

Awarded by the United Nations, the Prime Ministers of New Zealand and Australia and nominated for the title of World Class New Zealander for his work, he shares over thirty years of practical, transformational wisdom. 

With his deep insights and neuro-science based life-tools, people discover their purposes, use their finest capabilities, gain break-through understandings and experience enhanced well being, energy and accomplishment.

Rapid and radical change in modern world causes uncertainty and stress, loss of motivation and focus, lower achievement. This is where the inspiring mentor helps you to catch the ball. Chris has developed a special program  helping you meeting those challenges.   

To learn if this is what you need right now, phone me +358 40 7367710 or leave personal message below, and  discuss.

"Get Your Business Up and Running 

... and start earning a good income NOW."

Are you thinking about starting your own business? Not sure what to do?

The key to starting your business and earning a "good" income is by providing your "good" value that gives others what they want and are willing to pay for.

Your "good" value comes from what inspires you. What you feel passionate about. It is the positive difference you want to make in the lives or the businesses of others.

If you are not going to make a positive difference, why should anyone want to buy what you are offering?

Start NOW. Take the following steps. There are no risks. Lots of learnings, fun and reward.

Do you want to:

Create a business where employees love to work and customers love your products and services?

Develop such an emotionally healthy company culture that it positively transforms everyone that comes into contact with it?

Be a leader who people trust and want to emulate?

Make a positive difference in the world?

With Christopher Evatt’s mentoring you will learn to do this plus:

make wiser decisions about your future

have inspired employees and sizable profits

turn “impossible” challenges into breakthrough opportunities

resolve difficult people-issues

benefit from the truly big changes impacting you and your organization

lift your English-presentation skills to an international level

How to work with Christopher Evatt:

Initial discussion:

Discuss in confidence your needs with Christopher Evatt by telephone

+358 40 7367710, 9am to 4pm, Finnish time, Monday to Friday.

He will explain how he can assist you, quote his fees and arrange times and dates for your mentoring. This initial telephone discussion is for up to fifteen minutes and is at no charge.

Mentoring sessions:

1.5 hours to 2 hours per session:

by Skype for encrypted confidentiality

at your place of work


Your name, organization and discussions are treated as confidential. Christopher Evatt gives talks and trains on Leadership Mastery for the 21st century and The Living Organization.

The Living Organisation®  is one that is fully alive.

It is where people love to work because they are fully appreciated and it is where they can freely express their best. It is the organisation the most talented people want to join.

It is where staff and customers see themselves as part of an inspiring cause. Staff are motivated and customers buy more, are more loyal and actively recommend the organisation to others.

It is the organisation that suppliers love to supply because they are fairly treated, and they go out of their way to provide ever better products and services at better prices.


Christopher Evatt, with his Living Organisation®  principles and methods, enables people and their organisations to experience greatly heightened well being and sustainability, and to excel at levels far beyond what is accepted as normal.

Members include senior executives from: ABB Group, Fujitsu, KONE, Metso Automation, Nokia Mobile Phones, Outokumpu Copper.

 "He shows how to use all our skills and intelligences to achieve extraordinary results, real peak performance...with less control and less strenuous effort than we ever be fully  creative and empowered.His ratings were highly above the average of speakers at Ekonomipäivät (economists’ conference)"

Antti-Juhani Wihuri, Director
Talentum yrityskoulutus, Talentum Media Oy, Finland 

"There are not many people who are able to vitalise top executives and organisations. Christopher is truly one of them!"

Miikka Jahnukainen, PhD
Chairman of the Systems Group, Finland

 "He is a top-rated and very sought-after speaker who creates a remarkable contact with his audiences. His original ideas, practical wisdom and experience are at the cutting-edge of business development."  

Anne Karumo, International Conference Organizer
Trema Group, Nice, France

 "World-class.  The top speaker.  Gave us the most motivation, pushing us to reconsider and to do something. Really inspiring. Very high value."

Jonas Syren, Manager
K-rauta/Kesko, Sweden

"The best speaker at the conference. You gave us the highest value. An adrenaline rush. A real wake up. Took me to a new level."

Peteris Stupans, Manager
Kesko Agro, Latvia

“Chris’s approach is totally new.”  
“I gained tremendous self-confidence.”
“You inspired and motivated me.”    
“There is a leader in all of us.”
“I’ve gained a great deal of self-esteem.”
“Nothing can prepare you better for business”

TV New Zealand: “Rave reviews!”  

"Christopher Evatt has unique skills in creating a warm, open and creative environment to solve all possible issues in a group. His dynamic and 'down to earth' approach paths the way to openness and valuable insights to create a strong team feeling. We very much enjoyed Christopher's coaching style and soon realized we had gained great understanding, experience and hands-on tools that are valuable for our department. I strongly recommend Christopher for all occasions when you need good coaching and business insight development"

Janis Pavuls Marketing Director
Tallink Silja AB

Is your life a continuing repetition?

This is why.

We live in “automatic mode”.

The same feelings, thinking and actions reflect back to us the same repeating outcomes….our lives.

95% of your feelings, thinking and actions are automatic, directed by your sub-conscious. 5% are directed by your conscious mind.

Is it time for you to break free? 

Ask yourself:

I offer these blog posts to encourage and support you to be all you wish to be, to enjoy the life you want and to make your special contribution in your world.

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