What would you most like to experience this year?
What you create is what you get to experience. How do you intend to be and express more of the best of who you are?

“Your money or your life”
…what a bank robber said to the bank manger.

Ask yourself, what comes first… your money or your life?
We can exist without economics but economics cannot exist without us.
Is economics serving us or have you and I become the servant of economics?

Here is why students believe good relating skills are essential:

“Survival of the fittest” was the mantra. Now its becoming “thriving of the most collaborative”

First, we will look at why competition does not work.

This very moment start creating your best possible future.
This is what quantum and neuroscience, epigentics and energy psychology tells us about you and me.

You may be feeling unsure of yourself, uncertain about what you really want to be and the direction you want to take your life. You are not alone. Most of humanity is feeling just like you.

Ever thought about what YOU really need?
As you know and I know, most of what we think we need is what others want us to believe we need.Why?  That’s the way we have co-created our so-called “developed world”.

Joy is the essential quality of who you are. You may not always feel it. You may doubt it. It may be covered under a veil of sadness. Pull away that veil, remove the doubt and joy is what is there glimmering like a diamond.

We awoke to a new day, a fresh beginning filled with limited possibilities.

Yesterday is gone, but a dream floating in our minds,our creation of yesterdays experiences.

Live your life forward creating what YOU wish to experience.

Many people live life backwards filling their minds with “what could have been”,
“disappointments” or “my past successes.”  All that is gone and our labelling of these past events is nothing more than the thoughts and feelings we attached to them. This past reality is our internal creation.

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