Did you know the greater the connections between the neurons in your brain, the more intelligent you are?

Most of us for most of the time are not inspired.
We would say that is normal with many people taking medication to alleviate the effects of depression.

Being inspired is our natural way of being. Most are not.

When you are inspired, how are you? Are you more alive?
Of course you are. You are definitely more positive, you think more clearly, are creative, courageous, take more initiative, you sit more erect, you probably eat less 
and are more fun to be with.
Would you want to be any other way?


At NewCo Factory, Helsinki.

Have you thought of starting your business?
Have you started but are struggling to take it into full flight?

Christophers shares the essential keys are your attitudes, intentions and feelings. Get these right and you are unstoppable.  

"Get Your Business Up and Running 

... and start earning a good income NOW."

Are you thinking about starting your own business? Not sure what to do? The key to starting your business and earning a "good" income is by providing your "good" value that gives others what they want and are willing to pay for.

Your "good" value comes from what inspires you. What you feel passionate about. It is the positive difference you want to make in the lives or the businesses of others.

Feelings ARE the driver of human activity and endeavor No feelings or negative feelings and you, your career, your relationships and your business are dead.

We are all different. And thank goodness for that. I know, if I was talking to myself everyday I would be quickly bored and may even begin fighting myself just to relieve the monotony.

Living organisations are the ultimate places to work.

People thrive with all stakeholders doing their best for their shared good.

An organisation is like your body. The people are cells and, the healthier the cells, the more alive the body.

Healthy cells do not compete to out perform one another.

Join me with this family. We are in their kitchen,listening.

"We are off to the shops..." Before he could finish his five year old daughter grabbed him by the knees and gazing up "daddy, can I come too?"

Sucess? It is what what you are being as opposed to an external achievement. We usually think of success as the accomplishment of a goal or achieving an ambition. The external success is an effect. The real success is the cause, and that cause is who you are being.

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