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It comes in a flash and is gone. Inspiration... meaning in spirit... is the impulse of your spirit.
It is your inner genius informing you, not in words but with insight.
Faster than light-speed. Faster than thought, you know.

You are your connections

Did you know the greater the connections between the neurons in your brain, the more intelligent you are?

Most of us for most of the time are not inspired.
We would say that is normal with many people taking medication to alleviate the effects of depression.

How inspired are you?

Being inspired is our natural way of being. Most are not.

When you are inspired, how are you? Are you more alive?
Of course you are. You are definitely more positive, you think more clearly, are creative, courageous, take more initiative, you sit more erect, you probably eat less 
and are more fun to be with.
Would you want to be any other way?

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