Fears - overcoming them (5)

Your point of power

The left hand points to the right hand. The right hand points to the left.
Michaelangelo painted them both. The left represents your freewill to choose the illusion of powerlessness. The right represents your power. That is the point.

How to realise your dreams.
Do you wonder why your life stays the same even though you really want it to change?
Why your New Years resolution has become a forgotten memory by the end of January?
Why the weight you wish to lose did not get lost?

From the time you were born you were protected and told not to eat soil, climb trees, run too fast,  to watch out for strangers... the list is endless, and all coming from those who cared for you and who hopefully had your best interests at heart.

Question_AnswerQ.How can I be more confident when I am with people who are skilled and experienced?

What is holding you back from living fully? 

Have you felt you can be more than you are currently being?
That you could be more positive, more alive and more fully you?
All of us can feel like that.

What is stopping you? It is not your situation and it not what you have or don’t have. It is not your parents. It is not the economy, the politicians or others. It is us.

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