Change is all you are. Change is all there is. 
All is a sea of change. It is what has taken you from the Big Bang to who you are today. What is today will be changed by tomorrow.

Imagine you are sitting in a picture theater looking at the screen. The drama passes in front of you. Actors come and go. Scenes change. A plot unfolds.
Such is life. People and things come and go. Nothing remains the same.
It is you the observer that is constant.  Yet your body will be a totally new body within months as cells replace themselves. What is constant is your consciousness.

What is the gift of change?

All change brings the opportunity for you to evolve in consciousness. To question your beliefs, opinions and thoughts and to let them go if they no longer serve. To alter your behaviors if they no long fit the new situations you experience. For you to become more than you were yesterday. From being a child to being an adult... more loving and compassionate, more knowing and understanding, wiser and freer.

You evolve if you allow yourself to. Change is life, and life is calling you to become all you are capable of becoming. Calling you to give your best to every moment. That is your gift to life. It is the change you bring.

Feast on change. Live the moment. Be the change.

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