Whether it be your burning passion, your creative genius, your super performance or your joy of living, it is all about how well you engage with others.

Like a fire,  logs together burn together.  By itself a log very rarely burns. It is the same with people.  

When you and others, with good intent, meet and share your hopes and wishes, thoughts and feelings you ignite each others inspiration and imaginations, your creativity sparks and your minds leap into overdrive.

You start living more of your potential. You come more fully alive.

You grow and expand as limits drop away. New possibilities emerge and you tap into your natural courage to take action.  

Scientific American reported the more people connect the greater their well being, intelligence, productivity, creativity and innovativenes, plus they live longer. Just a few of the benefits.  

You too can ignite your fire and your life. Here are two ways I use and enthusiastically recommend.
… go out of your way to meet people. Talk to the people in the lift with you or who sitting next to you on the bus or maybe eating by themselves in a restaurant.

Someone once asked me to sit at their table when I was eating by myself at a time when I was feeling very alone. Their kindness lifted me up and greatly encouraged me. Within months I started a new business from zero and was soon back on my feet. The new enterprise blossomed eventually serving tens of thousands of families to successfully manage their finances.

Who knows, without that kindness and encouragement I may have given up. And the idea for that enterprise came after I asked to meet with the manager of a salesman who came to my door.
…. form a support group and meet regularly to support one another to achieve your goals and realize your dreams.

A group I formed in Finland is still meeting once a month twelve years later. And they take time off work to meet saying it is the best and most important meeting of the month with the positive energy they get charging them up from one meeting to the next.

My parents formed a similar group. The last I heard it was still running twenty five years later. 

The key is to NOT to think about yourself. If you think only about you, you may become shy, hold yourself back or not take the initiative because you can't see the benefit to you. In all cases you miss out on what is often a golden opportunity. 

Think of the others and what you can bring to them. It maybe just a smile or a kind word. In such small ways you can positively change lives. In the process you may learn, make new friends, discover a business or career opportunity or find a life-partner like I found mine.

There she was at a table on the far side of a restaurant dinning with someone, and she had the most wonderful smile. On my way out I stopped to say hello and noticed a woven bag at her feet that was the same as mine. We exchanged a few words about our bags and where in Thailand they were made. Then I left to join my friends on their way to the theater thinking I may never see her but I would always hold that smile in my heart.

Five weeks later there she was sitting behind me at a seminar on ancient Chinese wisdom, called The Four Seasons, and we are still together twenty five years later.

That's how it is when people connect.

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