Your point of power
27 Sep

The left hand points to the right hand. The right hand points to the left.
Michaelangelo painted them both. The left represents your freewill to choose the illusion of powerlessness. The right represents your power. That is the point.

Notice the left hand. It lacks power and has no direction.
Look at the right hand. It is directed, purposeful and powerful,

Why would we choose to express as the left hand and not as the right hand?
No one gives us power. No one takes it from us. Our power is always with us. It is with our choices, conscious or unconscious, we decide whether we experience powerlessness or powerfulness.

The root cause is our believing we are separate. Separate from our unlimited selves; separate from life; separate from others. If we rely only on the limited evidence of our five senses, we naturally conclude we are separate.
However, based on quantum science discoveries, that go well beyond our five sensory reality, this seeming separateness is an illusion.
Our five senses, limited to sensing what is material, result in our experiencing only the minutest fraction of what is.
We cannot see electricity, gravity, radio, TV and micro waves and love, and much more. Each of these is a reality with the list growing longer by the day. We know they exist because of the effects they produce.

Recently I was driving and listening to a scientist on BBC saying “so far we have discovered thirty four realities within this reality. And we are discovering more all the time.”
I thought, ”can this mean there could be thirty three of us, each in a different reality, sitting in the car with me right now and driving?”
I could see only me and certainly hoped the other thirty three all wanted to drive in the same direction.

This illusion of separateness causes us to be fearful, in fear of ourselves, in fear of others and in fear of life. These fears express as feelings of not being enough resulting in our being angry, jealous, envious, greedy, judgemental, powerless, and more. All of them are left hand qualities and the cause of suffering.

What frees us from our illusionary limitations, is quantum science. It tells us that life, all there is and all of us are expressions of one universal and, quite possibly, unlimited, intelligent energy field called ”The Field”. The field of all possibilities.
When we appreciate we are this field, we realise we are the potential qualities of the field, unlimited, intelligent and powerful.
This appreciation is difficult to come by with our rational minds, because they rely on the limited inputs from our five senses. It is with the intelligence of the heart we know.
With that knowingness, we awaken to the quantum reality that all is one. When we accept this, we increasing see the evidence around us and our left hand becomes as our right hand.
We are the point of power.

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