Your sun rises
27 Sep

From a long sleep you awake.
Your dawn has come.
Softly the light of your new life opens to the new day.

Life is calling. Whispering in your ear
“Awake. Awake. Join me now. Come play with me. Let go your problems and concerns. They were but childrens toys for you to learn what you did not want. Now you know. Be free now from the burdens you created and once thought so real.

Trust life. I am life. I have been preparing for you and now caring for you with the air you breath, the water you drink and bath in, the beauty of your landscapes and your flowers,
the smiles on your childrens faces and the laughter on their lips.

You and I are life.
We are one. We always have been and always will.
You thought you lost me. I had not lost you.
With your thoughts you created your separations and limitations. In their darkness, fear hid you from what your heart could see... you and me.

Awake. Awake. Rise from your slumber and your dreams.

Your new day dawns. Your sun rises.

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