Christopher Evatt provides training, mentoring and coaching for leaders and people who want to make positive difference in their world. He offers holistic methods, detailed processes, and practical life-tools for people to do it themselves and to help people around them.

Your Life Vision Into Actions

Now, Christopher is coaching people to have the lives and work they want on Your Life Vision Into Actions – program. Most people are too busy to think about a vision for themselves. They tend to live and work according to others visions. Christopher coaches you to find your own vision for life and career.

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Christopher is coaching organisations and individuals to discover their full potential. Invite Christopher to run an experiential session for you and your organisation in these topics:

Inspiration Lift Off

Unlock your inspiration, turn on your motivation keys and activate your energy for you to experience the extraordinary.

New Leadership

Take yourself and others to totally new levels of achievement, well being and fulfillment.

Creativity Plus

Unlock your inner Einstein. Discover new opportunities, break-through ideas and solutions to positively transform your life, career and your organization.

Collaboration Plus

Harness multicultural and human differences and build communication bridges for outstanding co-operation and accomplishment.

Contact Christopher Evatt to enable yourself and people around you to find ones full potential.


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