What NOT to do if you are inspired

It comes in a flash and is gone. Inspiration... meaning in spirit... is the impulse of your spirit.
It is your inner genius informing you, not in words but with insight.
Faster than light-speed. Faster than thought, you know.

It  is the scan-download of what was, what is, what is possible and what is best for you
RIGHT NOW for you to act on RIGHT NOW.
Then your action will have the most appropriate, most efficient, most timely and best effect
with the least effort.

When you are inspired DO NOT WAIT. 
If you wait your action may no longer be appropriate for your now changed circumstances. 
All is in flow. The tide may have turned and you find yourself fighting against lifes-current instead of being supported by it.


  • rather than allowing your thoughts to imprison you, be thought-free and aware.
  • rather than judging and labeling... observe what is. Your judgements and labels limit what is to your definitions. As a result you see less and know less.
  • Welcome your inspiration. Allow it to inform you. And ACT.
  • Observe the outcome and see how well your inspiration served you. It is your ultimate guide.

Live your inspired life. 

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