This very moment start creating your best possible future.
This is what quantum and neuroscience, epigentics and energy psychology tells us about you and me.

All is energy.
We are energy in form.
All energy is connected.

Every thought, belief, expectation and feeling we have is shaping who we are, shaping our reality and creating our experience, our present and our future.
What we focus on is what we become.
What we become is what we get to experience.

Here is what I do every day to lift my energy and for me to enjoy life more fully:

a.  Every time an energy-draining thought or feeling comes up, I take a deep breath and say to myself
    "I fully accept this. I fully accept who I am.
    Now I choose to (.... and say the thought or have the feeling I prefer to have.)
    Keep doing this every time the unwanted thought or feeling comes up. Soon, they will not come up. Instead you will be
    what you have chosen and your life-experiences will reflect that.

b.  Make it a daily practice to spend a few minutes reflecting on and feeling what you appreciate about you and your life.
    What you appreciate, appreciates i.e. increases.

With these two practices you will naturally become who you wish to be and experience the life you wish to experience. Soon you will notice the positive changes, not only to you but to what is happening in your life Sometimes, instantly.

Please share with us your comments about your experiences, to encourage us all.

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