Unsure who you are, what to do and where you are going?

You may be feeling unsure of yourself, uncertain about what you really want to be and the direction you want to take your life. You are not alone. Most of humanity is feeling just like you.

We will look at a prime cause of this uncertainty, loss of self confidence and direction, and then in further blogs what we can do. 

We are lost in the World of Stuff. A five sensory world of things and fashion, pop songs and parties, cars and bars, titles and qualifications. This list is endless. Each day brings a new attraction and the next best thing. 

The problem is not the stuff. It is our identification with the “stuff” and the short-term thrill we get when we buy the next mobile or the importance we give ourselves when we get that qualification or new career position. 

When we believe our self-worth is dependent upon this and getting more will make us more, we are seriously off track.  We are not our “stuff”. 

And the consequences of our misidentification with “stuff” is not knowing who we are, a loss of self-worth and no direction other than the pursuit of more “stuff”. No happiness here. Only disappointment, frustration and pain. 

If we identify with our car and it crashes, we feel crushed.  If that new career position we believe we deserve is given to another, we feel we are not good enough. If we are laid off work, we feel we have failed. If someone criticizes us, we feel less. 

Notice, it is we who choose how we feel. Those false feelings we create about ourselves cause us to self destruct.

Our identification with “stuff” turns us into puppets on a string, pulled this way and that, lifted and dropped, lost, powerless and directionless upon a raging sea of change that is becoming stormier by the second.

This change is exactly what we need. 

Humanity is co-creating change to break itself free from an addiction to what we are not, the “stuff” of our outer reality, to come home to the inner reality of who we are. To our power. To our passion. To our purpose. All three are waiting. Join me at my next blogs to learn how. 

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