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Joy is the essential quality of who you are. You may not always feel it. You may doubt it. It may be covered under a veil of sadness. Pull away that veil, remove the doubt and joy is what is there glimmering like a diamond.


Joy is your infallible guide. Here is how to use it.

Joy is sensed. It may express itself as an intuitive feeling; perhaps an inner voice; a lift in energy and well-being; excitement. For each of us it can express itself differently.

The Joy Test©:

Start today to practice using your joy as your guide. Give yourself simple choices. Become still and quiet. Then ask yourself which of the choices is for greatest good.
Yes, “the greatest good”. The greatest good for all is always the greatest good for you.

Choose the one that sparks your joy. Act and experience your choice.
Did it match the joy you felt when you made your choice?

Keep doing this and you will find you can increasingly trust your joy, your inner guide.
Being able to do this is incredibly useful when you are overwhelmed with data, confusing information and a mix of opinions from others. You remove yourself from the turmoil and trust your essential self... your core. Then you are in your power founded on your inner certainty.

Keep practising. It's worth it!
Now go back to my Blog You want to make a change? where we talked about setting your vision.
Let's fine tune your vision.
Look at what you wrote as your vision. Go into your vision. Feel it as though it has happened.  
Do you feel joy? A little; some; a lot?
If your sense of joy is low or non-existent, then create a new vision and give it your Joy Test©
The greater your joy, the more your vision expresses your core essence. The real you. 
When your vision is matched by your joy, you are on the fast track. 
When that happens life, people and circumstances start coming together to make your vision a reality. That's synchronicity. 

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