Have you been programmed to fail or to succeed?

From the time you were born you were protected and told not to eat soil, climb trees, run too fast,  to watch out for strangers... the list is endless, and all coming from those who cared for you and who hopefully had your best interests at heart.

Then you were taught to be less. To be seen and not heard at table, not to ask so many questions, to behave, to be good ...meaning, do as others would like you to do, to be quite and not to dream and use your imagination but to be rational and think as others think. 

And some of these teachings may well serve for you to be a good citizen or employee. And what do we watch? The news and the films that pour out of Hollywood, showing mass destruction, crime, violence and people against people. Not empowering or uplifting you, but leaving you feeling overwhelmed and less, with less sense of self-power and less hope.

Your spontaneous joy for life, your thirst for adventure, your drive to explore, to create, try and experiment, first by putting things in your mouth and then with your hands, to laugh and cry freely, when and where did your spirit go?

So early did this start you have almost forgotten when a cloud of fear and not being good enough began to shut you down, close your heart and restrict your life. 

IT IS TIME TO STAND TALL, to be fully who were designed to be. To be magnificently you. To love yourself and your life with all your heart. To dream of the impossible. To create. To explore. To adventure. To find the magic in every moment and the beauty and the magnificence in all you meet.

You are the living success. That is your program.

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