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Your point of power

The left hand points to the right hand. The right hand points to the left.
Michaelangelo painted them both. The left represents your freewill to choose the illusion of powerlessness. The right represents your power. That is the point.

Your sun rises

From a long sleep you awake.
Your dawn has come.
Softly the light of your new life opens to the new day.

It comes in a flash and is gone. Inspiration... meaning in spirit... is the impulse of your spirit.
It is your inner genius informing you, not in words but with insight.
Faster than light-speed. Faster than thought, you know.

Are you looking for your next big opportunity... your ideal job, partner or financial windfall?

Have you wondered if there could be more to your life than what you are experiencing?

Follow your joy

Joy is the essential quality of who you are. You may not always feel it. You may doubt it. It may be covered under a veil of sadness. Pull away that veil, remove the doubt and joy is what is there glimmering like a diamond.

Are you feeling stuck? Stuck in your work. Stuck in your life.
If you are, you are ready for a BIG and POSITIVE shift in your work and life.

How to realise your dreams.
Do you wonder why your life stays the same even though you really want it to change?
Why your New Years resolution has become a forgotten memory by the end of January?
Why the weight you wish to lose did not get lost?

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