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What future do you wish to create?

To assist you in making your resolution for 2015, here is an abbreviation of The Barbers Speech, rich in wisdom, from Charlie Chapmans film The Great Dictator, 1940

You may be feeling unsure of yourself, uncertain about what you really want to be and the direction you want to take your life. You are not alone. Most of humanity is feeling just like you.

Are you on fire?

Whether it be your burning passion, your creative genius, your super performance or your joy of living, it is all about how well you engage with others.

From the time you were born you were protected and told not to eat soil, climb trees, run too fast,  to watch out for strangers... the list is endless, and all coming from those who cared for you and who hopefully had your best interests at heart.

Are You Feasting On Change?

Change is all you are. Change is all there is. 
All is a sea of change. It is what has taken you from the Big Bang to who you are today. What is today will be changed by tomorrow.

Life is to be enjoyed and is the opportunity for you and others to become the best you can be and do the best you can to make your unique contribution.

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