Christopher as a Faciliator
05 Nov

Christopher Evatt, New Zealander, is at the forefront of people creating living organisations where all stakeholders are at their best and together achieve extraordinary positive outcomes.

With Christopher, people come alive. They engage with their inspiration and creative intelligences and quantum-leap to exceptionally higher levels of well being and accomplishment.

Awarded by the United Nations, the Prime Ministers of New Zealand and Australia and nominated for the title of World Class New Zealander for his work, he shares over thirty years of practical, transformational wisdom. 

With his deep insights and neuro-science based life-tools, people discover their purposes, use their finest capabilities, gain break-through understandings and experience enhanced well being, energy and accomplishment.

They co-create thriving, sustainable organisations by benefiting all stakeholders and being supported by them.

Christopher says, “My mother told her children to leave every one and everything better than when we found them.
In my mid twenties I began establishing a variety of social and business enterprises where people flourished as they added to the well being of others … to individuals, families, business enterprises and public sector organisations.
I discovered how we can awaken to the grander possibilities of what it means to be human and experience the enormous benefits of those possibilities in our lives and through our organisations.”

Christopher speaks internationally, is a confident and mentor to leaders, coach and author of a forth-coming book.

 He shows how to use all our skills and intelligences to achieve extraordinary results, real peak performance…with less control and less strenuous effort than we ever thought.. to be fully creative and empowered.
- Antti-Juhani Wihuri, Director, Talentum Media Oy, Finland 

World class. The Top speaker. Gave us the most motivation, pushing us to reconsider and to do something. Really inspiring. Very high value.
- Jonas Syren, Manager, Kesko, Sweden.

Christopher’s output is unique. He offers the framework and the tools that any business leader needs if she or he wants to head for the future and embrace the globe.
- Suso Kolesnik, Executive Vice President, SOK Reputation and Responsibility, SOK Finland 

Why Christopher Evatt:

  • when Finland’s universities of applied science, Laurea  needed a top-tier, practical expert to be their adviser for their Service Innovation Design, Masters Degree Program and share his knowledge with their MBA classes and Arcada needed an experienced social and business entrepreneur to plan its strategy to become educational leaders in social and business entrepreneurship, they chose Christopher Evatt 
  • when the University of Sydney, Australia wanted an authority on creating living organisations to address their MBA students, they chose Christopher Evatt 
  • when the Finland’s professional associations of architects, builders, graduate engineers and economists and international conference organisers needed a world-class thinker to share cutting edge, leadership insights, they chose Christopher Evatt
  • when the SOK group, Finland needed a  top-calibre director-coach, they chose Christopher Evatt
  • Christopher Evatt and his holistic, leadership development methods are in a class of their own.
    He links people to their inspiration, deep motivations and inner drives   to take themselves, their organisations and stakeholders to all-new levels of innovation and sustainable value creation. 
  • Christopher Evatt shares a long record in bringing out the best in people, sports teams and organisations to make your next learning event extraordinary. 

Christopher Evatt’s unique strengths are his hands-on understanding andhis ability to convey his know-how in terms with examples all can apply and in a way that inspires people to excel.



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